At Yardsale we design gear to make your day on the mountain seamless

Don't get us wrong, we love a powder day. But we also believe the magic of skiing is more than that.

We ski for all the little things: the shared laughter after an epic wipeout (a yard sale!), sharing a snack on the lift with friends and strangers, and the memories made in the hot tub.

We think having great quality, reliable gear allows you to focus on what really matters on a ski weekend. That's why we started Yardsale, an equipment company that centered around the moments that make skiing our favorite group sport.

- Cristina and Kelly, Founders

  • For double blacks and bunny slopes

    We design and make gear for skiers who ski for the love of it. It can be your first day on the slopes or your tenth black diamond run of the day, either way, you deserve expertly-designed gear that makes skiing more fun.

  • To powder days and spring slush

    The whackiest conditions make the best memories. Whether you call it a day at noon and head back to the rental house, or ski until the last chair, we think what matters most is that you got out there.

Quality gear for effortless ski trips

Good design can be the difference between a good day and a great day. At Yardsale, we obsess over the smallest of details to ensure your ski day, weekend, and season go off without a hitch.