Intentionally designed for smooth ski days

Yardsale ski poles are the first poles skiers can actually get amped about. With colors you can mix-and-match and embedded magnets to make carrying them a breeze, we're confident that once you try the *click* of Yardsale poles, you'll never go back.

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Magnetic poles?!

Yeah, magnetic poles. No more dropping your poles in the parking lot or when getting on and off the chairlift.

Our proprietary magnetic system in the handles and baskets make carrying your gear, answering a call, or just freeing up a hand a breeze. Just click the poles together and go.

Even with all this tech jam packed in a small space, the P1 Poles still only weigh 1.3lbs.

Open sesame

No more struggling to fit your gloved hands inside your straps while the snow is blowing and your friends already started skiing down the run.

Our premium 3D-knit straps not only look better, but they stay open more easily so you can focus on enjoying your ski day.

Mix-and-match colors

Never lose your poles in a sea of black and gray gear again. With our fully modular system, you can choose between our eye-catching monochrome poles, or pick different colors for your handles, baskets, straps, and poles.

If you want to get weird, you can even make your right pole totally different from your left.

Capture big smiles (or even bigger wipeouts)

Our GoPro® mount piece easily attaches to the top of your handle so you can take follow-along footage or snap a group picture without mounting on your helmet.

Built and tested by skiers

We want your poles to last a lifetime. Each component has been rigorously tested in our lab against industry standards.

From sub-zero freezers to blazing hot ovens, to pull tests, abrasion tests, and bend tests, good luck breaking these puppies. We’re confident you’ll ski them for seasons to come.

Quality you can feel

Each Yardsale pole is hand painted and hand assembled by experts who have been making ski poles for more than 40 years.

From the light and durable 7-series grade aluminum shafts, to stainless steel fasteners, 3D-knit straps, and premium ice crushing tips, you’ll see the difference in every pole plant and hop turn.

Break it or bend it, we dare you

We know better than anyone that yard sales happen. Unlike other poles, if you break or bend these, we can replace just the center segment. No need to worry about buying a whole new pair. Just tell us the story behind how you broke it and we’ll replace it for free. That's right. For free.

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Yardsale P1 Poles

Magnetic poles expertly designed for effortless ski days. Customize to make them uniquely yours.

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